Personal Training in the City of London

As a trainer to city employee clientele for practically 10 years I comprehend the time demands my clients have. They want to get in shape but they do not have an abundance of time to do it. Between work tasks, travelling and business lunches the long working day goes by very fast and there’s rarely time for indulgent two hour workouts, let alone performing them 3-4 times a week.

In this quick post I’m going to give you a fast overview of the sessions I use with clients who are time pushed. I’m going to presume that all nutritional bases have been covered because if they haven’t even a very efficient workout like I’m about to describe will do very little to bring about radical body shape changes.

I design very particular workout sessions for my personal fitness clients in the City as they are usually pressed for time and want the most from their time in the gymnasium.

The first factor I tell my clients who want to lose weight and get in great shape is they are going to have to train hard and that they’re going to have to sweat! Lying on the ground stretching and breathing while tensing your abs is no recipe for radical body changes.

I show my clients standard functional workout programmes that utilise a great deal of muscle mass and the client does lots of these workout routines in a brief space of time. This is how I get clients great results in as little as four 40 minute sessions a week. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, pull ups, press ups and lunges are absolutely in. Tricep kickbacks, calf raises and chicken peck sit ups are absolutely out!

I often superset the workouts, pair them up, to get maximum effect in minimum time – combining upper body workout routines with lower body exercises. Customers complete these workout routines with good resistance amounts and then are allowed quick rest periods. I try and make certain that the client can only raise the weight 10 -12 times with great form just before moving them onto the next physical exercise.

I aim for a volume of 24 – 30 sets in a 40 minute period, normally comprising of about eight demanding exercises. This is quite a shock to the uninitiated and can lead to feeling nauseous throughout the session and also intense muscle soreness a day or so later. Even though it is a very demanding exercise routine the client will eventually adapt to it and require a new challenge so I have a number of variations of these workouts in my locker that I can pull out when needed.

This degree of training is not for everyone! Nevertheless, if you’re motivated to obtain dramatic results in a really brief period of time then this programme will work well for you (with the right dietary intervention). I have one or two spots left in my diary to accept new clients this month so if you believe this programme is for you and you’d like to book in for an obligation free consultation at my health club then call me on 07879 646969 today.